I will be unable to complete shipping between July 31 and Aug 19.
All purchased items will go out as quickly as possible after the 19th.

This a new version of my website, with shopping capabilities, if you find an issue and it doesn't get fixed, let me know. 
All clothing items are now listed.  Many need better pictures.  That will come bit by bit.

Other items including Celtic-inspired jewelry and miscellaneous crafts can be found on my etsy shop here:  Barb's Garb @ Etsy


With events getting cancelled regularly, we are unsure of when our next sales event will be.  Tentatively, we are planning on the following....

  Gulf Wars XXX        Mar 13-20, 2021      at King's Arrow Ranch, Lumberton, MS
  Pennsic War 49       Jul 30-Aug 15, 2021 at Coopers Lake, Slippery Rock, PA