This a new version of my website, with shopping capabilities, if you find an issue and it doesn't get fixed, let me know.

NOTICE!!  We are in the middle of a cross-country move.  As a result, delivery of *NEW* purchases and completion of *NEW* custom orders will be delayed.  Things should return to normal by late April.

I have more items than are on the website. I hope to get pictures and get them listed soon. 
Many items need better pictures.  That will come bit by bit.

Other items including Celtic-inspired jewelry and miscellaneous crafts can be found on my etsy shop here:  Barb's Garb @ Etsy


Events are starting to happen again.  We are planning on the following....

  Gulf Wars XXX              Mar 12-20, 2022        at King's Arrow Ranch, Lumberton, MS
  Pennsic War 49              Jul 29-Aug 14, 2022   at Coopers Lake, Slippery Rock, PA