How to Order
You will soon be able to submit orders directly from the catalog. Watch for that to come soon. Until that time, please use this procedure to order.

Please note, that all sewing commissions will be delayed over the next 6 months, as I had a baby girl, Elizabeth, in March, and it is slowing me down quite a bit.

If you need this garb for a special event, PLEASE plan enough time. All garb will take 3-4 weeks, and may take longer before special events.   If you wish an item in less than 3 weeks, the price will be doubled.  In less than 10 workdays, the price will be tripled.
This applies to sewing time, rather than actual days between order and delivery. Sewing time begins once all measurements have been received, and all fabrics have been chosen/approved.

First, please choose what you wish to order and any details that go with it.

Next choose your material color, trim, and buttons (if needed) from below. You are welcome to request special material or trim beyond what is in-stock, but your order will take longer. If you do not choose a trim, and your garb uses it, I will choose something that matches your fabric.

After you have your order ready, please send an email in the following format to Please be aware that any blank information will delay your order. If no special options are requested, I will make the basic version of your Item.

After I receive this email, I will send you back a confirmation email. Please double-check all information in it, as this will tell you exactly what I will be sewing for you. I will also send a list of required measurements, if needed for a particular item. Also included will be an approximate ship date, and cost. I can start work on your item as soon as everything is approved, and payment is received.

Order E-mail
1. Your Name
  a. email address
  b. shipping address
  c. phone number
2. Item # or #'s you are ordering
  a. size
  b. material choice
  c. trim choice or no trim
  d. any other options (if you don't specify, I will use basic options for your item)
3. Total without Shipping (I will calculate and send you shipping costs)
4. Method of payment. Your choice of CC by phone or email, or by PayPal.

Special Orders

I welcome any and all special orders. These include special sizing, special materials, and more. I am willing to tackle any specific garb given an adequate example, preferably a picture or two, along with a description. Please contact me directly at to find out prices and sewing time.

In-stock Material and Trim Choices
Coming Soon

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