All pictures are of examples of these styles, unless otherwise noted.
Each item is custom made to your specifications.

Men's Basic Tunic     Item #M-001
There were many varieties of tunics worn throughout the middle ages.  They ranged from short to very long, and were worn as under-garments or as exterior garments

This Renaissance tunic extends to just below the waist with a split hem.  It is loosely fitted for comfortable wear.  The sleeves are long, and the neck opening laces closed.

Style Price
Basic (linen) $45.00
Other views of this tunic

Men's Fancy Tunic     Item #M-002
There were many varieties of tunics worn throughout the middle ages.  They ranged from short to very long, and were worn as under-garments or as exterior garments.

This Renaissance tunic can be worn by itself, or over another tunic.  It is loose enough to wear over an undertunic or other basic shirt, and has large open loose sleeves ending in fitted cuffs.  It extends to just below the hips.  The hem is split to allow easier movement and less stress on the tunic when sitting.  You can choose from an open neckline or a standup collar; between short cuffs that lace or button, or long cuffs that lace; and the neck opening can be either laced or buttoned.  Please note your choices on your order form.  If you do not, you will get the most basic version.

The basic version of this tunic has an open neckline with front lacing, and short laced cuffs.

Style Price
Basic (linen)
With collar
    With long cuffs
    Trim on collar and cuffs
Other views and versions of this tunic

Men's Anglo-Saxon Tunic     Item #M-003
This tunic is based on the early Medieval long tunic, reaching to just above the knees.  It has contrasting squared yoke and sleeves ends.  These are both edged with trim.  The neck has a keyhole neckline.

This is a very distinctive looking tunic, commonly worn with a belt.

Style Price
Basic (linen)

Herjolfsnes no.38 Reproduction     Item #M-004
This tunic is a reproduction of one of the Herjolfsnes gravesite finds in Greenland.  Dated to mid-late 13th Century.

The tunic is many panelled, with four gores down each side, and an additional one front and back.  The sleeves are fitted with buttons running from the elbow to the wrist.

The tunic on the left is the reproduction.  Drawing courtesy of Marc Carlson Some Clothing of the Middle Ages.

This is not a Cotehardie!  It is not intended to be close-fitting.

Style Price
Basic (linen) $100.00

Men's Cotehardie     Item #M-005
The cotehardie was the fashionable article of clothing for both men and women in the mid-14th century.

This many-paneled item was characterized by extensive fitting of the upper body with buttons running down it, and fitted sleeves.

The men's cotehardie was a short sleeved tunic that was highly fiited and typically extended to mid-thigh.  Often seen parti-colored or in brocades, it was also common in basic linens.

Style Price
Basic (linen)

Men's Houppelande     Item #M-006
The Houppelande was the height of fashion for men and women in the 15th century.  It featured enormous amounts of material forming a full gown pulled in at the waist by a belt.

The men's houppelande varied in length between the knees and ankles.  It was often either trimmed with fur at hem collar and cuff for warmth or dagged at sleeves and hem.

A very fashionable garment, the houppelande featured a variety of sleeve styles.  These included long, straight sleeves, straight sleeves with a front slit for the arm, bag sleeves, trumpet sleeves, and many more.

The basic version of our houppelande extends just to the knees and has standard straight sleeves.
Style Price
Basic (linen)
    Fur trim or dagging
    With Trumpet or
        Bag style sleeves
    In Wool
    In Brocade


Full Cloak     Item #M-007
This is a fully lined, Renaissance cloak with hood.  There were many varieties of cloaks worn through the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

The cloak is floor length, and quite full.  If a shorter cloak is desired, please note it in your order.

Style Price
Basic (linen lined w/linen)
In wool lined with linen or flannel
In velvet lined with linen or flannel
Other views of this cloak:

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