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Your official site for authentic medieval clothing and renaissance garb

NEW!! - The jewelry is starting to get listed!! Available through the catalog page!

I'm back in Texas and slowly getting set back up!
I'll be attending Bordermarch Autumn Melees in November

Specializing in authentic reproduction of medieval and renaissance costume in period fabrics, along with period accessories and jewelry.
I have a large line of children's clothing, to dress up your little one, and a series of gowns from different times and places.
Also available are a variety of basic items including tunic, kirtle, and surcoat.
I work almost exclusively in linen, as well as in velvet, silk, wool, and brocades.

See the Progress link below to find out where I'll be.
You can also contact me directly for custom costume work.

See the garb...

Pictures of Garb I've Sewn

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